Hastings Police Contravene Highway Code

In the 1960’s and 1970’s the UK Policeman earned the trust and respect of the community that he served. During the 80’s, 90’s and beyond I heard and saw on the news more and more cases of corruption and disrespect pertaining to our police force.

I generally dismissed these news stories as “over the top reporting”, but not any longer. Recently I was the subject of police intimidation and bad conduct and this one incident has dramatically changed my opinion of the “British Bobby”.

You will see that the black BMW (Turns out to be unmarked police car) had vision of me way up the road. Despite many spaces that they could of pulled into to afford me my right of way as per the highway code they continued towards me and just stuck the nose of their car into a space that they could of fully pulled into.

They then proceeded to activate their blue lights and flashing headlights to try and intimidate me to reverse. When that failed the driver gestured for me to back up. When I did not comply with this illegal order the passenger got out and ordered me to reverse.

You will see that the taxi behind them reversed to allow them more room to back up and even when the taxi gave up, turned around and left, they still would not do the right thing.

Several times I asked them to identify themselves with their names and badge numbers but they refused. These are public servants who must identify when asked. When I showed the passenger my body cam he threatened to charge me for using a mobile phone.

After a few minutes a lady who was waiting to come down the hill approached these two supposed officers and appeared to remind them of the highway code. It was only then that they did the reverse of shame to let me continue my journey.

Upon drawing level with the police car I thanked the officer for doing the right thing only to be verbally assaulted.

It is no wonder that the UK police get much less respect than back in the old days.

I pay their wages, I pay for their workplace, I pay for their cars and flashy lights and I pay for their safety equipment. I employ these people along with the rest of the UK tax payers.

  1. Contravening the highway code
  2.  Improper use of blue lights
  3. Failing to clearly identify themselves
  4. Giving illegal orders
  5. Attempting to intimidate a member of the public
  6.  Verbal assault

I wonder if they will be subject to the governments guidance of highway code penalties?
Careless and inconsiderate driving – Unlimited fine / Discretionary Disqualification – 3 to 9 penalty points on their license.

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  1. Good Citizen

    you have to stand your ground and know your rights against these bully tyrants. It’s no wonder the public do not respect the police any more


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